AnTuTu Says The Galaxy Note 5 Is The World Most Popular Smartphone

Galaxy Note 5

AnTuTu has released some reports of its benchmarks for the first half of 2016 and according to  the report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the most popular device in the world.

In second place is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and in third place is the S6 Edge, this is then followed by the Galaxy S7, the Xiaomi Redmi Note and more.

Galaxy Note 5

Time flies,the first half year of 2016 has passed, conventionally,every year at this time, Antutu will share with you different rankings of the lists.Hum hum, do you feel cheerful while listening about this news? OK, let us cut the crap and see today’s stuff right now. Today, Antutu will share with you the TOP 10 hot mobile phones in different area across the globe in the first half year of the year 2016.

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