Apple Hits Back At Spotify

Apple Spotify

Over the last week Spotify has basically accused Apple of using its app store in an anti competitive way and now Apple has responded.

Apple’s legal counsel Horacio Gutierrez has sent a letter to Spotify and Buzzfeed also got a copy of the letter, the company sets out its opinion on Spotify’s issue.

There can be no doubt that Spotify has benefited enormously from its association with Apple’s App Store. Since joining the App Store in 2009, Apple’s platform has provided you with over 160 million downloads of your app, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue to Spotify. That’s why we find it troubling that you are asking for exemptions to the rules we apply to all developers and are publicly resorting to rumors and half-truths about our service.

Our guidelines help competition, not hurt it. The fact that we compete has never influenced how Apple treats Spotify or other successful competitors like Google Play Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora or the numerous other apps on the App Store that distribute digital music.

Apple have basically accused Spotify of trying to get around the app store and paying the 30% to Apple that all developers have to.

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