Barclays bPay Loop Turns Your Watch Into A Contacless Payment Device

Barclays bPay Loop

Barclays is launching a new contactless payment device in the UK that lets you turn your watch into a contactless payment device, the Barclays bPay Loop.

The Barclays bPay Loop is designed to fit in your watch or fitness band it will let you make contactless payments in the UK up to £30, the £30 is the current contactless limit in the UK.

Turn your watch or fitness band into a way to pay, simply slide loop on to any strap up to 22mm wide with an open buckle. Discreetly hidden or a little more out-there, the loop can be fitted in any way you choose.

The bPay loop is linked to the bPay secure digital wallet and can be used to make payments for £30 and under at over 400,000 locations, across the UK. Link loop to the bPay mobile app to seamlessly track your spending, top up on the go using most major debit or credit cards and update your account settings whenever you need to.

You can find out more details about the Barclays bPay Loop at the link below. The device costs £20 and you will also need to download an app to your mobile to use it.

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