Here are Lahore-based makeup artist Hifsa Khan's essential tips for summer brides


Pondering over beauty trends, experimenting with different looks on different models and dressing up more than a dozen brides daily is what makes being a makeup artist a serious job. Hifsa Khan is one such beautician, who chose a completely different path for herself over than a decade ago, determined to establishing a makeup career. From a nine to five banking job, Hifsa made a shift to the beauty industry in 2009 and has become a household name in Lahore since then.



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“The switch from a banker to a makeup artist was not an easy one. But, after my own experience as a bride, I chose to change jobs. I realised that bride’s need more pampering, a listening ear and a professional who is with them at all times to guide them through one of the most important days of their lives,” Hifsa told The Express Tribune.  “A prominent feature of my style is that all our brides look nothing less than dolls on their big day and that is what sets us apart.”

There’s no gainsaying that the beauty industry is a competitive place. According to Hifsa, she follows the Five Reasons Theory to attract clients. “Our advantage is the strategy we try to follow. The first reason is the consultation we give to the bride about what look we can create for her, keeping in mind her jewellery and outfit. Secondly, we do the essential hair demo on her to make sure that the selected style suits her face,” revealed Hifsa.



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“Next, we provide a complete consultation on hair, skin and body which involves focusing on areas of improvement. Fourthly, all brides are called for a post photo-shoot touch up so they feel confident and glowing while entering the venue. Lastly, we give the bride quick fix tips incase her makeup smudges after she leaves the salon.”

The core satisfaction for any good makeup artist comes from using products that help customers look their best. “Makeup is not a transformation but the correction of imperfections. The way it enhances a person’s look without changing the features is what I love about it.”

Hifsa caters to approximately 10 to 12 brides every day. What she doesn’t like is how today’s brides go over-the-top for every function, hence losing their charm on the main day. “Guests are so dressed up on all the weddings functions that the bride has no choice but to get decked up on her mayoun also. But, this is not how it should be. As far as the bridal rates are concerned, these depend on the demand and supply in the market,” explained Hifsa.

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Interestingly, the most common mistake she sees in the bridal industry is that most artists try to make their clients appear fairer than they actually are. “Natural skin tone should be maintained at all times. Going a shade lighter is still okay but making someone look ridiculously white is just not done,” she said. Sharing one of her favourite beauty tips, Hifsa said, “The concept of less is more. This is the greatest tip I can give to girls. Please use less makeup for maximum results. Makeup is just for minimal coverage and it should not be used like excessive cream on cake.”



Hifsa highly recommends products such as the Dior foundation, Mac eyeliner and Laura Mercier blush on. “Girls love fake eyelashes these days. Such accessories don’t only add to the makeup but also look gorgeous on their own. This summer’s focus is on makeup that does not show, and so foundations with medium coverage and low resolution are getting the most attention.”

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