Google Maps Local Guides Program Adds New Levels, Perks, Badges and More


  • Earlier, the program only consisted of five rank levels
  • Google has added new badges for levels 4-10
  • Certain contributions carry more weightage than the others

Keeping Google Maps updated is not an easy task and in order to ensure it has the latest data, Google has its Local Guides program in place. Now the search giant has added new levels, a revamped point system, and new badges to keep advanced level guides motivated for updating its Maps service regularly.

For those who are unaware, Local Guides is a community that provides regular updates to Google Maps. For their contributions, the members of this community are awarded with benefits like early access to new Google Maps features, exclusive contests, and events, among other things. Anybody can sign up to be a part of Local Guides and start contributing.

Moving on to the latest update to Local Guides, Google is now rolling out a new point system, new levels that unlock different kinds of perks, and new ways to earn points within this community. Google says that certain contributions will have more impact than others for users. For example, users will get more points if they are first to add a place to the map or leave a review.

Google Maps Local Guides Program Adds New Levels, Perks, Badges and More

Now, users who are part of Local Guides community will earn points for rating the places and checking the facts that have been provided by other community members. Google has now added 5 additional levels. This means that users can now reach their maximum rank at level 10. The search giant has now introduced new badges for users with 4-10 level rank to make sure their contributions are recognised within the community. The new badges will be visible right beside their profile picture, Google says.


“Just like before, Local Guides Level 2 and above can enjoy early access to new product features, and get occasional perks from Google and local perks from partners,” Google said in its blog post. Further, members with Level 4-10 can redeem a free three-month Google Play Music subscription and get 75 percent off a rental in the Google Play Movie store, as per company.

Last month, Swiggy announced its partnership with the Local Guides program to offer special perks to the community members in India.

If you are not a part of this community already, now would be a good time to share your experiences, post pictures, and rate places to get some serious benefits from Google.


Twitter Gets Support for Emoji 5.0, Adds 69 New Emojis


  • New emojis bring diverse options in terms of gender
  • The support will be expanded to all platforms
  • Emoji 5.0 brought along 137 emojis

Twitter has now received the support for Emoji 5.0 across platforms and this means that users will now be able to use all the latest emojis to express their feelings through the social media platform. While the new emojis have not shown up for everybody as yet, you can expect it to roll out gradually to all users on each major platform.

Twitter Gets Support for Emoji 5.0, Adds 69 New Emojis

Bryan Haggerty, part of Twitter’s Design team, announced through a tweet on Tuesday that the company is introducing the support for all the new emojis and that it has updated its Twemoji open source repository on GitHub as well. This means that you will be able to post emojis including a woman with headscarf, face with raised eyebrow, exploding head, crazy face, face with monocle, face vomiting, shushing face, face with hand over mouth, breastfeeding emoji, and more through the platform.

Emojipedia notes that with the release, 239 new emojis have come to Twitter. However, after accounting for duplicates and skin tones, a total of 69 unique new images have been added. The new emojis will be available for users of on desktop and mobile, as well as TweetDeck and Twitter Stickers. Twitter app users on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows will not see these updates, as these apps use native emojis for each respective platform, the report notes.


Notably, with Emoji 5.0, more gender-diverse options were added and as you can see from the examples mentioned earlier, diversity in terms of faith and other factors was also introduced. Emoji 5.0 brought along 137 new emojis in total.

Hardly anybody will argue that emojis have now become an integral part of our communication and new emojis effectively mean more words can be replaced with ease. This replacement can be extremely useful on a word-limit bound social medium such as Twitter. This is why the introduction of new emojis can help users in expressing more feelings using fewer words. However, there will always be the argument that emojis can often be misinterpreted but that’s a discussion for some other day perhaps.