Five steps for flawless bridal make-up on your wedding day

THE quest for flawless make-up that will last for hours is a must for most brides ahead of their big day.

But finding wedding make-up that works can be tricky.

Huddersfield make-up artist Zoe Letitia explains: “It’s the one day you want to look and feel amazing. Having professional make-up not only allows you to relax and enjoy the preparations but can make a big difference to your wedding photographs which you will become a treasured keep sake of your big day.”

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Most, if not all make-up artists will insist on a bridal make-up trial. Is this just a way to make money?

No, it’s essential to ensure you are happy with your look and feel, well in advance.

“There’s a lot going on on the morning of a wedding, so preparation is key. Not just for the bride. Skin tone, eye colour shades, your dress, how you are wearing your hair all impact on your wedding make-up and need to be factored in to.

Make-up artist Zoe Letitia
Make-up artist Zoe Letitia

Here’s Zoe’s tips on what to expect for your make-up trial and how to prepare:

1. Always have a trial at least six weeks before

This allows time incase you need to have another session. It also gives time to discuss beauty and skin care routine.

2. Pictures

Ask a friend to take pictures during your make up trial so you can get used to your wedding look.

3. Be true to you…

“Natural make-up is still a big trend but don’t shy a way from who you are,” said Zoe.

“If you usually wear a lot of make-up your wedding day is not the day to become a natural beauty.

“That said, don’t shy away from considering options you’ve never considered.

“False eyelashes for example are a great way of adding dramatic effect to your eye look without adding tonnes of make-up and keeping it natural.”

4.Explain your wedding style and design to your make-up artist and take pictures of your dress and any bridal accessories you have with you.

“Your wedding make-up is the finishing touches. It needs to complement all aspects of your wedding, not least your wedding dress.

“If you had a champagne coloured gown, you’d want to steer away from silver coloured smoked eyes because gold and silver clash. Where as pinks and golds would complement the look.”

5. Skin preparation

“I’d recommend having profesional facials at least six weeks before such as Crystal Clear Microdermabration. It’s a skin resurfacer which carries out a deep exfoliation. It’s non-surgical and also works well on combatting fine lines and wrinkles.

“If you aren’t opting for salon treatments make sure you do a full beauty routine with a high end brand so you are cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day.”

To discuss your make-up trial with Zoe Letitia call 01484 424700 or call into her salon in King Street.

SBI not ruling out write-offs, post merger of five associates

MUMBAI: In the wake of ballooning bad loans, public-sector State Bank of India (SBI), isn’t ruling out write-downs or write-offs following the merger with five associates.

“There can be no assurance that the bank will not have to undertake write-downs or write-offs in connection with the merger, which could have a negative impact on its financial condition and results of operations,” according to SBI’s offer document for the recently conducted Rs 15,000 crore share sale through private placement, while highlighting the risk factors.

It further said that the bank “may also incur additional costs” towards integrating operations and harmonising functions pursuant to the merger.

“In particular, the absorption of over 70,000 employees of the merged entities is expected to increase employee benefit expenses, mainly accruing out of liabilities with respect to provision of additional superannuation benefits,” it said. Prior to the merger, SBI had 2,09,572 employees.

In the largest consolidation in the banking space, five associate banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank were merged on April 1, with SBI, putting the lender in the league of top 50 global banks.

SBI is currently in the process of integrating the merged entities’ operations with its own to leverage cost and operational efficiencies.

In its annual report, SBI said long-term benefits of the merger would significantly outweigh the near-term challenges.

“The resulting cost advantage, enhanced reach and economies of scale from this merger will help SBI sustain its mission of being an enduring value creator,” it said.