Post Falls High School student gets new car for GPA, attendance

School’s out for summer and for seniors graduating high school the next chapter of their life is about to begin.

To help make that transition a little easier, some seniors who maintained a 3.5 GPA and had perfect attendance competed for a new car.

The winner was Robyn Robinson from Post Falls High School.

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Findlay Nissan in Post Falls held a reverse drawing, meaning they would draw names until one person had not been picked.

Robyn told KHQ she was surprised she won.

“Well I don’t have very good luck I’m still in shock,” Robinson said, “and it’s kind of surprising but I was going to have my piano teacher come with me and she was sick this morning so she said I hope you win.”

Robinson says she plans on going to North Idaho College for two years and then transferring to the University of Idaho to pursue a degree in advertising.


Facebook Gets 'Live Chat With Friends' and 'Live With' Features


  • Live Chat With Friends is currently being tested on mobile
  • Live Chat With Friends will be made available broadly in summer
  • Live With feature was earlier available only to public figures

It is not a hidden fact that Facebook has been trying to focus on videos for quite some time and after imitating some features from the rival platforms, it seems like the company has now decided to test waters with its own new features. Facebook has introduced two new features to its Live video service in the form of ‘Live Chat With Friends’ and ‘Live With’.

While it is debatable how useful the addition of ‘Stories’ feature turned out to be, it appears that the new features can really improve the utility of Facebook Live video service substantially. First coming to Live Chat With Friends, the new feature provides users with the option to chat only with their friends while watching a live stream. Earlier, if you might remember, users could only participate in a public chat that was flooded with comments from users across the website.

If you prefer to watch live stream videos with your friends, this feature is likely to really useful to you. “You can invite friends who are already watching or other friends who you think may want to tune in. You’re able to jump back into the public conversation at any time, and you can still continue chatting with your friends via Messenger after the broadcast ends,” Facebook said in its news post.

Facebook Gets 'Live Chat With Friends' and 'Live With' Features

Live Chat With Friends is currently being tested on mobile and will be made available more broadly this summer.

Moving to the Live With feature, users will now be able to invite other users into their live videos without them being required to be in the same vicinity as them. Live With feature allows users to collectively use Facebook Live. Interestingly, users can use this feature in both portrait and landscape modes for having picture-in-picture or side-by-side layout respectively.

In order to use this feature, users simply need to select a guest from the Live Viewers section, or tap a comment from the viewer whom they want to invite. The guest will then have the option to join or reject the request. This feature can help in conducting interviews with people in remote locations and can thereby prove to be extremely useful. Live With feature was earlier made available just for public figures but has now been made available for all users and pages, as per Facebook.

Twitter Gets Support for Emoji 5.0, Adds 69 New Emojis


  • New emojis bring diverse options in terms of gender
  • The support will be expanded to all platforms
  • Emoji 5.0 brought along 137 emojis

Twitter has now received the support for Emoji 5.0 across platforms and this means that users will now be able to use all the latest emojis to express their feelings through the social media platform. While the new emojis have not shown up for everybody as yet, you can expect it to roll out gradually to all users on each major platform.

Twitter Gets Support for Emoji 5.0, Adds 69 New Emojis

Bryan Haggerty, part of Twitter’s Design team, announced through a tweet on Tuesday that the company is introducing the support for all the new emojis and that it has updated its Twemoji open source repository on GitHub as well. This means that you will be able to post emojis including a woman with headscarf, face with raised eyebrow, exploding head, crazy face, face with monocle, face vomiting, shushing face, face with hand over mouth, breastfeeding emoji, and more through the platform.

Emojipedia notes that with the release, 239 new emojis have come to Twitter. However, after accounting for duplicates and skin tones, a total of 69 unique new images have been added. The new emojis will be available for users of on desktop and mobile, as well as TweetDeck and Twitter Stickers. Twitter app users on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows will not see these updates, as these apps use native emojis for each respective platform, the report notes.


Notably, with Emoji 5.0, more gender-diverse options were added and as you can see from the examples mentioned earlier, diversity in terms of faith and other factors was also introduced. Emoji 5.0 brought along 137 new emojis in total.

Hardly anybody will argue that emojis have now become an integral part of our communication and new emojis effectively mean more words can be replaced with ease. This replacement can be extremely useful on a word-limit bound social medium such as Twitter. This is why the introduction of new emojis can help users in expressing more feelings using fewer words. However, there will always be the argument that emojis can often be misinterpreted but that’s a discussion for some other day perhaps.

WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Automatic Albums, Photo Filters, and a Reply Shortcut


  • The update bumps iPhone version to 2.17.30
  • There are five colour filters added for now
  • Automatic album feature organises your chat window

WhatsApp has updated its iPhone app to help customise your images, help organise photos you send and receive, and improve messaging. WhatsApp v2.17.30 for iPhone introduces photo filters, automatic albums, and a new reply shortcut as well.

WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Automatic Albums, Photo Filters, and a Reply Shortcut

WhatsApp has added the ability to add colour filters to the media that you send in chats. Head to WhatsApp, go to the individual or group chat that you want to send the media to, capture or select a photo, video, or GIF, and swipe up. Swiping up will pull out five photo filters that you can choose from. These are Pop, B&W, Cool, Film, and Chrome, but we expect WhatsApp to add more in the future.

Earlier, when you used to send multiple photos to a chat, it showed up in a series one below the other, often making you scroll a lot. Now, to make things more organised, WhatsApp automatically groups multiple photos that you send or receive into a photo album to avoid wastage of chat space and scroll.

Lastly, a new gesture has been added to enable quick replies in iOS chats. Now you can choose to reply to an individual just by swiping right on a specific text in chats. This reply shortcut will be particularly useful in group chats where you speak to multiple users at once.

whatsapp iphone update v2 17 30 gadgets 360 WhatsApp

“When users send or receive a collection of five or more photos or videos, they will automatically be grouped together as an album, creating a tile display within messages. When users tap on the album, they will see the collection of photos and videos in full screen,” the company said in a statement.

These features have rolled out to iOS users only for now, and there’s no word on when Android users will receive it. The update has already arrived in the App Store, and you can download it for free from there.

Competition Commission gets facts wrong about drug companies

The Competition Commission is investigating Pfizer for charging excessive prices for a lung cancer drug in SA. On Tuesday‚ the commission stated it was investigating three pharmaceutical companies for “excessive prices” for cancer drugs.

But the commission made several mistakes‚ including getting the name of Pfizer’s drug wrong.

The commission did not note that all drug prices are approved and signed off by the medicines pricing committee within the Department of Health. The commission also said it had information that gives “rise to reasonable suspicion that Pfizer has and continues to engage in excessive pricing conduct in provision of crizotinib”. Pfizer confirmed that crizotinib is not registered in SA.



An unregistered drug cannot be sold in the country and will not have a price. The commission complained about its R152‚000 price saying it was in possession of information that this treatment was “unaffordable”. Pfizer denied this price.

Wits oncology professor Paul Ruff explained that a handful of patients accessed this drug using a special Section 21 permit to buy it overseas and import it, because it is not available here. Medicines only get a set price after they are registered in the country‚ he said‚ so crizotinib has no local price or supplier.

The European Commission is investigating Aspen for a 1‚500% increase for a 50-year-old leukaemia drug in the UK and a 4‚000% increase in Spain. On Tuesday, the commission said it would also investigate Aspen saying it was in “possession of information that Aspen had engaged in the same conduct locally”.

However‚ it failed again to note all price increases for all drugs are set annually by the department of health.

Aspen confirmed that the drugs under investigation have increased, on average, 6.25% since 2009 when Aspen bought the drug portfolio from GSK. The commission said Aspen’s drug prices may be “excessive”. The drug used for leukaemia‚ Leukeran‚ costs between R2‚800 and R4‚800 a month per patient.

Myleran‚ used for a blood cancer‚ costs an average of R2‚086 a month but the dose and price will drop after a few months if the cancer goes into remission‚ said Aspen’s spokesman Stavros Nicolaou.

The commission also took issue with Roche’s cancer drug which costs R500‚000 in the private sector for a year’s course. The commission said people couldn’t access the drugs and charged Roche with “exclusionary conduct”. But this drug is to be provided to state patients at one of the lowest prices in the world within months‚ two sources close to the Roche and department of health negotiations said.

Roche said recently it believed a deal with the department on supplying this drug to state patients was “about to be finalised” saying negotiations were “advanced”.

Two sources also confirmed that the commission didn’t even call the department of health to get its views on the matter or check the commission’s facts. All three pharmaceutical companies learned of the investigations through the media statement.

The commission also charged Roche with “price discrimination” because it has a state price and a private-sector price for cancer drug Herceptin. However‚ the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act allows the prices for medicines for state patients and private patients to differ and‚ in fact‚ a high private price is used to subsidise very low state prices for nearly all medicines in the country‚ two industry sources confirmed.

The commission did not respond to requests for clarification.

In a Sens statement on Tuesday, Aspen said all the drugs under investigation for excessive pricing sell for less than R3m a year combined.