5 Reasons to Recycle E-Waste

When your computer and other electronics age out or become too damaged to use, you have the option of simply throwing the components out or appropriately disposing of them. One of the best options is finding an electronics disposal agency that recycles. Why recycle rather than throw away parts?

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1. Prevent Environmental Damage

There are a number of chemicals and other materials that are hazardous. When electronics are dumped in a landfill or left on the side of the road, the environment suffers.


2. Comply With State Laws

It is against the law in many states to throw out computers with your regular garbage. If you have e-waste, it must be disposed of according to state requirements.


3. Keep E-Waste in the Country

A lot of e-waste is shipped to third world countries where the proper resources aren’t available. In this case, the environment of those countries is adversely affected. Chemicals contaminate water supplies and poison livestock and people. Improperly cared-for precious metals (often used in the manufacture of electronics) are often burned in open-air fires, polluting the air where people live.


4. Make Components Available for Re-Use

Choosing an it equipment disposal toronto company ensures that your old electronics and e-waste don’t end up in landfills. This simple step prevents environmental damage that would otherwise occur. Recycling also means that components are re-used, reducing the costs and time required to manufacture new parts.


5. Protect Your Sensitive Information

Tossing an old computer into the dumpster on the way out of your office leaves you open to information theft. This is a possibility even if you believe you’ve deleted and erased all your files. If you have sensitive information stored on computers and electronics, never simply toss out your IT equipment.

Make the right choice when it comes to disposing of your IT equipment and e-waste. Enjoy these five benefits and others when you appropriately hand computer waste over to a trustworthy disposal company.