How to Start a Business, Support Local Business Amongst All-Time-High Search Queries on Google

How to Start a Business, Support Local Business Amongst All-Time-High Search Queries on Google


Google has revealed that a large number of people around the world are searching for how to start a business in the last one week. There were queries in record numbers around how to start a clothing, cleaning, trucking, dropshipping, t-shirt, or photography business. In addition to queries related to small business searches, Google has found that several people searched for ways to support businesses run by black entrepreneurs, women, and minorities in their areas over the past 30 days. There has also been an increase in searches for “support local” queries on the search engine over the last 90 days.

As per the search trends released by Google for this week, the query “how to start a business” has emerged in record numbers amongst other odd results. This suggests that several people looked for new business ideas and ways to venture into a small business. The increase could be a result of the ongoing job losses that are occurring worldwide due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Google mentioned in its tweet that various people across the globe searched for queries such as how to start a clothing business, how to start a cleaning business, how to start a trucking business, and how to start a jewellery business.


Record increase in queries around supporting communities, local businesses
In addition to the searches for finding new small business opportunities, Google specified that the query “Black owned businesses near me” was the top business-related search over the past 30 days, with more than 3,750 percent increased search interest over the past month. The search query “minority owned businesses” has also reached a ten-year-high interest in 2020. All this suggests that people want to support different communities in their locality and address racism issues.

Google’s latest search trends also show that the query related to women owned businesses has been searched more in the US than any other country in the past few days. Searches for “support local” have also doubled globally over the last 90 days. Further, queries around support local restaurants have increased more than over 5,000 percent in 2020. Search interest towards support local farms has also reached a ten-year-high this year.

Additionally, the query support local business has hit an all-time high in 2020. This shows that several people are looking for ways to support local businesses in their area.