Microsoft CAP Offers Competition To IFTTT

Microsoft CAP

Microsoft has unveiled a new productivity system they have created called Microsoft CAP, which is been designed to provide a way to set up automated tasks depending on certain criteria, in a similar way to that offered by IFTTT.

The new Microsoft Conditional Action Programmer or CAP for short is now available to try out and provides a personal task completion agent that is capable of connecting to a variety of different services such as MS Office 365 email, OneDrive, Pocket and more.

Microsoft explains more :

First let’s agree….. worst name ever. Now that we’re past that, here’s our story, and an ask. CAP is an experimental project from Microsoft Technology and Research, available to you as and Android app on Google Play Store and the web. We need your help to continue to improve natural language understanding. You can help us and benefit from automatic task completion at the same time by using CAP!

CAP understands natural language When creating a new task start typing, in simple If-Then fashion, to connect your favorite devices and services together. As you refine your description, the system will also try to give its best interpretation of what you want to do.

To try out the new Microsoft CAP service jump over to the official website to sign up for details and to create an account.