Nanotech Tattoos Created To Track Muscle And Nerve Activity

Nanotech Tattoos

New temporary nanotech tattoos have been created that are capable of being easily attached and removed from human skin and are capable of tracking movement and facial expressions.

The new temporary nano tattoos are now starting to find practical medical applications and according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Aviv University researchers have unveiled a new thin, non-invasive carbon electrode they have developed that can be placed on the skin to measure muscle and nerve activity and may soon be able to help restore damaged tissue. Professor Yael Hanein created the device as an alternative to electromyography but Other applications are also being identified, Prof. Hanein explains :

The ability to identify and map people’s emotions has many potential uses. Advertisers, pollsters, media professionals, and others — all want to test people’s reactions to various products and situations.

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