Redmi K20 Price in India: Xiaomi’s Manu Jain Explains ‘High’ Price, Writes Open Letter to Mi Fans

Redmi K20 Price in India: Xiaomi’s Manu Jain Explains ‘High’ Price, Writes Open Letter to Mi Fans

Redmi K20 price in India starts at Rs. 21,999

  • Redmi K20 price in India has been the topic of discussion since launch
  • Jain says components like Snapdragon 730 led to higher input costs
  • The company had to upgrade its manufacturing facilities as well

Xiaomi announced the India launch of the much-awaited Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro smartphones on Wednesday. While the Redmi K20 Pro has been largely well received thanks to its aggressive pricing, the Redmi K20 price in India has left quite a few Mi fans rather disappointed. Before the launch, some expected the Redmi K20 price in India to be in line with likes of the Realme X, which launched in the country earlier this week carrying a starting price tag of Rs. 16,999. Of course, as we now know, Redmi K20 price in India starts at Rs. 21,999, which makes the newest Redmi phone in town a fair bit more expensive than what was anticipated.

During a media interaction after the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro launch in New Delhi on Wednesday, Gadgets 360 asked Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain why it seemed that the company was pretty aggressive with the Redmi K20 Pro pricing, but not as much with its more affordable sibling, and if the move was designed to avoid cannibalising sale of some of Xiaomi’s own offerings.

The top-end Redmi Note 7 Pro ₹ 14,500 retails for Rs. 16,999, while the Poco F1 ₹ 17,790 starts at Rs. 17,999. It’s safe to say a more affordable Redmi K20 price could’ve impacted sales of one or both of those phones, but Jain underplayed the idea, pointing instead to the brand new chipset inside the phone, as the key reason behind the “higher” pricing.

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“On Redmi K20, people are not looking at the fact that this is Snapdragon 730,” Jain said, after explaining that the Redmi K20 Pro price seems aggressive in comparison because it’s the most affordable Snapdragon 855-powered phone in the country. “It’s everything which [Redmi] K20 Pro has, with Snapdragon 730.”

“Snapdragon 730 is not a cheap chipset — it’s fairly expensive, if you can go and ask Qualcomm,” Jain continued. “It’s the third-fastest chipset from Qualcomm, it’s the latest one — if I’m not wrong, there was one device announced on [Snapdragon] 730G, but I don’t know if it’s been commercially launched our not in the entire world — that would probably make [Redmi] K20 the first phone to be commercially launched with [Snapdragon] 730.”

“When you buy a chip early on, something like this, it’s a lot more costly. If you go to buy [Snapdragon] 730 two years down the line, it would of course be much cheaper.”

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“Right now people are basically comparing it with other [Snapdragon] 700 series phones, where the price [of the chip] has depreciated over the last 15-18 months, and then if you do a comparison, it’s not a fair comparison. It [Redmi K20] would be a lot more expensive, just the raw material is a lot more expensive.”

“But if you also compare it [Redmi K20] with everything else, other phones are plastic — this is the only phone in this segment with a glass back — I’m taking about the K20, not the K20 Pro. A lot of such features that no other phone has.”

“If you add that value, all of these things cost money.”